Trump Sends Shockwaves Through D.C. – Wants Congress to Release Names of Sex Freak Lawmakers

It has been pretty remarkable watching celebrity after celebrity and politician after politician get caught up in this recent wave of sexual harassment allegations.  Harvey Weinstein, Al Franken, Louis C.K., Russell Simmons, Kevin Spacey, John Conyers. Big names going down on what seems like a daily basis.

Recently, we learned that Congress has been settling sexual harassment claim for years with taxpayer money.

From Fox News:

Equal treatment for lawmakers? Don’t count on it.

A little-known law has been on the books for more than a decade that gives anyone accusing a federal lawmaker of sexual harassment the right to sue – but only if they consent to a lengthy drawn-out process that includes a written statement within 180 days of the incident, 30 days of counseling and another month or so of mediation.

During that time, the claimant’s employer will be notified. The lawmaker’s identity, however, will remain confidential even if he or she is found guilty.

The Washington Post, which first reported on the fund, found that between 1997 and 2014, $15.2 million was paid out to 235 claimants.

In what world is that OK?

President Trump isn’t happy about it and he just everyone know it.

He wants the names to be released.

From BizPac Review:

This is the reason that the swamp fears President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, the president told reporters that he believes the names of congressmen that have settled sexual harassment lawsuits should be outed.

“I do. I really do. I think they should,” he said on the South Lawn of the White House before he departed for the Thanksgiving holiday in Mar-a-Lago.

You know that the establishment in Washington D.C. hates that.  Washington has loved operating in secret all these years and you know there are politicians out there who are terrified that the Harvey Weinstein wave is going to take them out.

This week, the longest-tenured member of the House got caught up in the wave. It’s quite possible he’s forced to resign although Democrats will surely do whatever they can to protect him.

From Fox News:

Rep. John Conyers’ hometown newspaper is calling for his resignation in the wake of sexual harassment allegations against the Michigan lawmaker – and a questionable payout to one alleged victim.

Conyers is accused of using taxpayer dollars to settle a claim in secret, after a former staffer reportedly claimed she was fired for rejecting his advances.

In a scathing editorial published late Tuesday, the Detroit Free Press demanded the Democrat step down immediately.

The paper called Conyers’ actions “the kind of behavior that can never be tolerated in a public official, much less an elected representative of the people.”

Washington and Hollywood are getting exposed and it’s glorious to watch.

All of these liberals who acted like the morality police for years and years now have to answer for the terrible things they have done behind closed doors.

Trump is clearly a threat to the status quo and you can bet that more politicians are about to find themselves in hot water.

[Note: This post was written by Andrew Mark Miller]