Sarah Silverman: I ‘Fell In Love’ with Trump Voters While Traveling Across Country

Left-wing, anti-Trump comedienne Sarah Silverman has done an about face on Americans who voted for Donald Trump. Instead of the hate she used to have for Trump voters, Silverman now says she “loves” them.

Silverman has come to her sudden appreciation while filming her Republican-hating Hulu series, “I Love You America,” Daily Wire notes.

“When you’re one-on-one with someone who doesn’t agree with you, or whose ideology is different than yours, when you’re face to face, your porcupine needles go down,” Silverman recently told a Los Angeles crowd at the Vulture Festival.

“The surprise was,” she added, “I fell in love with them. I had a great time with them and I felt comfortable.”

Gosh, imagine that. When you get face-to-face with a conservative/Republican/red state voter they are suddenly not the mouth breathing, racist, moron you always thought they were! Suddenly you see them as human beings?

Well, thanks for your condescension, Sarah.

“I’m trying to be open,” Silverman insisted. “I’m finding if I do engage with someone who is angry at me, or angry and I’m a place where they can put that anger … it’s almost always a good experience, because more than anything, all of us what we have in common is, we want to feel seen. We want to feel like we exist. We really should — all of us — work on not getting our self-esteem from outside forces, but it is so much when somebody just sees you. It’s just like, everything melts away. We just all just human out again.”

Despite her new-found love for red state voters, she still slammed President Trump.

“We’re waiting for him to hit bottom,” she said. “There’s no bottom. It’s bottomless.”

This isn’t the first time Silverman found some sort of connection to the political right in the U.S.

Just weeks ago she admitted that she is suffering “survival-based fear” with Donald Trump in the White House.

“In an instant, I basically became a liberal doomsday prepper,” she exclaimed. “And for the first time, I felt an actual kinship to the far-right militia person who thought Obama would end the world. It’s that feeling of fear that makes us the same.”

Silverman has warmed to militaristic proclamations, it appears. Only last February, she urged the military to rise up and depose the U.S. government because she doesn’t like who won the 2016 election.

As the Washington Times reported:

Actress Sarah Silverman called for a military coup against President Trump on Wednesday night in the midst of violent riots in Berkeley, California.

“Once the military is w us fascists get overthrown. Mad king & his handlers go bye bye,” Ms. Silverman posted.

She ended her post with four heart emojis, presumably signifying love.

Silverman also slammed gun owners after a recent criminal shooting.

So, despite her new proclamations that she “loves” Trump’s supporters, she still doesn’t care at all for anything that Trump supporters love.

[Note: This post was written by Warner Todd Huston]